Isabella Mourgelas

Companies are warming to the use of gig workers.

Polls Show Use Of Gig Workers On The Rise

There is still resistance to the use of contract workers, but our surveys of CEOs and CHROs show that increasing numbers of companies are turning to the talent solution. And with California’s recent ruling, it’s even clearer that the ‘gig economy’ is here to stay.

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The Workforce Polices That Work

Expanded healthcare benefits, family support policies and new perks/benefits packages are most likely to be ranked as highly successful by CHROs, according to new research from StrategicCHRO360.

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CHRO Optimism Tumbles On Talent Troubles, Fears Of Recession

StrategicCHRO360 research shows CHRO optimism falling another 8 percent in quarter 2 of this year mainly on struggles to hire staff. Their forecast is in-line with other members of the C-suite but has not fallen as far as that of CEOs, who, in May, reached their lowest level of confidence in future business conditions in almost 6 years.

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HR Leaders Split Over Covid-19 Vaccination Policies

StrategicCHRO360’s latest research shows HR leaders are split almost in half over whether their organization should raise insurance premiums for employees who are not vaccinated against Covid-19. But there are areas of unity, particularly when it comes to measuring organizational resilience.

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