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Ask the Experts: How to Make AI an Essential Workforce Tool

Attending this complimentary webinar, “Ask the Experts: How to Make AI an Essential Workforce Tool” is your chance to become a trailblazer in HR and take your AI knowledge to the next level.

Validation Institute

The Future of Work: Building a Culture of Equity, Trust, and Purpose

Join the Chief People Officer of Virta Health and explore approaches to cultivate a culture of belonging, purpose, and trust.

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Building Teams in a Remote, Distributed Workforce

The interactive roundtable, led by StrategicCHRO360 executive editor Emily DeNitto and Coach Dana Cavalea, author of Habits of a Champion Team and the former director of performance for the New York Yankees, will walk you through how to create the most successful habits in the workplace, build culture, and foster productivity.

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VISION 2030: Preparing for the Future of Work, the Workforce and Workplaces

 In this highly-interactive, fast-paced briefing tailored for busy senior executives, we’ll  uncover what business leaders around the world say are the essential long-term strategies for technology, talent, culture, collaboration, jobs and the office with the team of Oxford professors who conducted the research.

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Leading into 2022: New Techniques for the New Era

Get a leg up on today’s leadership challenges with a targeted, expert conversation featuring two of the top minds in leadership psychology and talent development: Ted Bililies, managing director & chief talent officer for AlixPartners and Johnny Taylor, Jr. the CEO of SHRM.

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The Great Talent Reckoning: How to Lead, How to Win

Leading and structuring organizations to make the most of their teams has never been so complex or carried such high stakes. What steps are you taking to help your company win the great talent reckoning?

Developing a Strategic CHRO

If people truly are your company’s greatest asset, what are you doing to make sure you’re getting the most out of this essential resource? To start with, you need great help. We talked to masters of the craft to discover and share best practices you can apply in your organization right away.

Reskilling for The New Normal

For every company—and every CEO and worker in America—Covid has meant changing what we do and how we do it. Based on unparalleled expertise and research, the Society of Human Resource Management will arm you with practical insights about where work is going, as well as best practices you can start adapting today to help you lead your team no matter what comes next.

How to Talk Politics in the Office

Johnny Taylor, CEO of the SHRM, shares a practical, framework for leading a culture that tolerates diversity of thought, free speech and mutual respect that increases trust by encouraging civil disagreement. No matter your personal politics, join us to begin developing this set of essential leadership tools for 2021.