Why One Bank Is Winning Recognition From Its Talent Pool

Lynne Minter, VP of HR at Texas Security Bank
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Lynne Minter, VP of human resources for Texas Security Bank, shares her approach.

Texas Security Bank in Dallas is doing something right by its employees. The community bank’s talent pool has named it a top place to work for two years in a row.

Lynne Minter, vice president of human resources, is a big part of making sure Texas Security is taking the steps to win those accolades. She spoke with StrategicCHRO360 about the importance of working closely with IT, why data is the future of HR—and why she tries to start each day with a “positive attitude.”

Tell me about your biggest goals for the year as a leader at Texas Security Bank.

This year, Texas Security Bank and its leaders focused on the importance of stability, security and strength in the banking industry. One of my biggest goals in the HR space is to utilize the full capabilities of our HRIS system to streamline efficient processes.

Within the HRIS, there is a learning management system that provides employees with online training, which improves efficiency throughout the organization because that can lead to career growth opportunities. There are also talent acquisition functionalities, which automates hiring and onboarding, as well as time, talent and labor management tools.

Also, setting employee retention goals is something I strive for by hiring the

right people, creating a culture of recognition and feedback and implementing recognition and rewards.

I am proud of what we have already accomplished. Texas Security Bank has been recognized for our strength and commitment to excellence by The Dallas Morning News “Top Places to Work” and “Best in DFW” two years in a row, helping us stay competitive.

Do you have a personal habit and routine that you believe has contributed to your professional success?

I love to plan ahead for each day of the week while maintaining a positive attitude. It’s important to never stop learning, reading and being a good listener.

What are some hiring challenges Texas Security Bank is facing?

Texas Security Bank is in a very niche market. We’ve seen a shortage of potential candidates due to the tight labor market. As a smaller company, we are building our name recognition to be more competitive.

What trends are you seeing in the industry we should be aware of?

I’ve seen more of a desire for work-life balance and flexibility for remote work options. There’s also a strong emphasis on the culture in the workplace. I’m seeing more opportunities for ongoing training and career advancement in the industry. At Texas Security Bank, we recognize the importance of business education and have invested in business education programs to help business owners run better businesses.

What’s next for Texas Security Bank and your role in any initiatives?

Within our organization at Texas Security Bank, we have placed a high priority on automation, speed and efficiency in our processes for our internal and external customers and employees. The HR role will be utilizing our HRIS system and learning management system to enhance these processes for onboarding, training, development and retention.

We will also be focusing on creating a more innovative and engaging customer experience by utilizing digital tools such as video banking, AI-driven chatbots and mobile banking. In the HR role, I will be working closely with the IT team to ensure the necessary systems are in place to provide these services, while also ensuring the staff is trained and prepared to provide the best experience to our customers.

Finally, our team will be exploring ways to leverage data and analytics to provide meaningful insights into our customer base, as well as our employee base. This will allow us to better understand our customer and employee needs, as well as provide actionable insights to our executive team. As an HR professional, I will be working closely with our data and analytics team to ensure we have the necessary resources and team members in place to execute these initiatives.

Tell me where you see the HR space going five years from now.

I foresee the HR space growing to include more digital training. I also see a focus on employee experience to include flexibility, continuous career development and sense of purpose. The HR space will be increasingly leveraging analytics and data to measure and monitor employee engagement, productivity and performance.

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