Diversity and Inclusion

12 Ways Companies Are Boosting Their DEI

Enterprises are moving beyond the diversity, equity and inclusion activity that started after the murder of George Floyd and beginning to ‘institutionalize’ their efforts, from regular town halls to concrete goals to shifts in top executives’ personal perspectives: ‘Now it’s considered a must-have.’

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12 Ways Companies Are Adapting To The New Workplace

It’s still very much an ‘ongoing experiment,’ but companies aren’t waiting around to see what the workplace of tomorrow will look like, as these dozen examples illustrate. One thing that’s already clear, post-Covid: ‘Work is no longer a place you go, but something you do.’

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12 New Approaches To Compensation

In an unprecedented time for attracting and retaining talent, StrategicCHRO360 asked a dozen leaders what they’re doing differently. From three-day workweeks at full-time status to paid mental-health days—as well as finding ways to raise wages—CEOs and CHROs are getting creative.

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